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Happy 10th Birthday, Silhouette Blue!

June 15, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Silhouette Blue!

Blue ombre cupcakes

A few weeks ago Silhouette Blue Stationery turned 10 years old, and it feels like the perfect time to write my first blog post! The story of my business is coming soon (update: click here to read about how Silhouette Blue started), but before I get into that I wanted to send a big hug and a kiss to my family, friends and loyal customers (aka: my favorite people ever!) . . . 

Wow, TEN YEARS! We did it! It somehow feels like both five minutes and an eternity ago that I started Silhouette Blue Stationery. Over the past decade (what? a decade?!), my college senior design project has transformed into an incredible career that I never thought possible. Celebrating you and the people you love has become my greatest achievement, and I thank you for letting me into your lives to commemorate your weddings and babies and friends and moms and dads and birthdays and everything! I couldn't do this without you, and my heart is just bursting with joy and gratitude.

To celebrate I baked some chocolate cupcakes with blue ombre frosting, and enjoyed quite a bit of rosé in the backyard of our lovely new home. It was the perfect weekend. A huge thank you for 10 amazing years. Here's to 10 more!

All my love, forever and ever and ever!


Happy 10th Birthday, Silhouette Blue!

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