The History of Silhouette Blue

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Megan Rose | 4 comments

As promised in my first ever blog post, here's the story of Silhouette Blue Stationery!

While stationery has always been a love of mine, I hadn't planned on it being a career. I majored in graphic design in college, but the focus was never on starting a business. That all changed as I entered my senior year at Loyola University Chicago, and had to start brainstorming for Senior Show - an art major graduation requirement that was basically a huge semester-long project that ended with an exhibit at Loyola's art gallery.

I decided to create a line of greeting cards and Silhouette Blue was born! Well, not really. At this point I still didn't have any intention of using these cards to launch a business. I created several mock-ups of potential cards, and my advisor and I kept going back to this design, which would end up being the inspiration for the entire line:

Embrace Greeting Card - the design that started it all
Embrace Greeting Card - the very first official Silhouette Blue card!

After months of designing I had a beautiful collection of 30 greeting cards, each featuring a colorful silhouette. I agonized over color schemes, paper finishes, card sizes and envelopes, but I needed a name. I sat around my childhood kitchen table with my mom, dad, and grandma tossing around ideas, taking notes on a napkin. I'm not sure who, but one of them suggested combining "silhouette" (a nod to the silhouette designs) and a color (a nod to the bright ink colors). And Silhouette Blue was born! I would say, half-born. Can you be half born? I still wasn't thinking that Silhouette Blue would turn out to be a legit business - if I was I would have picked something easier to spell!

The original collection of Silhouette Blue greeting cards
Four designs from the original 2006 Silhouette Blue collection.

And finally, at the gallery opening a week before graduation, Silhouette Blue was truly-really-actually born. During the cocktail party so many people came up to me wanting to BUY MY GREETING CARDS. I had printed and packaged a few cards with the hope that this would happen, but that was mostly wishful thinking. When stranger named Charles (I remember him so clearly - thank you Charles!) handed over his hard earned money in exchange for Silhouette Blue greeting cards, my perspective changed. This could be a business.  

As fate would have it, soon after my first sale my newly engaged cousin asked me to make her wedding invitations. I was terrified but exhilarated by the opportunity, and immersed myself in the world of paper goods. I researched and designed and printed and cut and glued all 250 pocketfold invitations in my parent's basement, my desk tucked between the big freezer and the water heater. Humble beginnings indeed, but I felt my soul come alive. I felt at home, and knew that this would be my future. 

In the months and years after my cousin's wedding, so many things fell into place. I knew more people getting married who needed invitations, I opened an Etsy shop, I created my own website, I moved into an apartment with an office. Four years after my cards debuted at Senior Show, I quit my job to run Silhouette Blue full time. 

And now it's been ten years, and this wonderful job still makes my soul come alive. 



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Robin Zaverdas
Robin Zaverdas

August 01, 2016

Congrats on 10 years! I love the originality of your cards and they’ve become my “go-to” for Xmas Cards.

Suzanne Malcom
Suzanne Malcom

July 02, 2016

Congratulations Megan on 10 years. I’m always interested in how people start out. Loved yours ! Love you silhouette cards! Love the quality !


June 30, 2016

Congratulations Megan! My first order was in early 2009 after discovering your shop on Etsy. I’ve been thinking of ordering some personalized note cards for my sister-in-law but can’t make up my mind on color and design. I’ll narrow it down soon. Promise. I think it’s wonderful that a college project has turned into a full time career for you. So many people have great talent but don’t have the courage to make a full time living doing what they really love. Good for you! I’m chartreuse with envy!

Edna Marte
Edna Marte

June 30, 2016

How cute are those cards! I still LOVE the personalized stationery with the bicycle I purchased years ago. I only use it for special notes. :)

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